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Gunnar Nylund, Strömbergshyttan, sommerso glass vases with brown and purple underlay from 1950s.

Gunnar Nylund Strombergshyttan

Obj no. 3024

Gunnar Nylund, Strömbergshyttan

Sommerso glass vase probably designed by Gunnar Nylund
for Strömbergshyttan in mid 1950s.The vase has a dark purple underlay with clear glass around.

Gunnar Nylund is most famous as designer for ceramics for

Rörstrand, Nymölle, Saxbo and Bing & Gröndal but he also

worked for Strömbergshyttan 1954-59 as designer of glass

pieces as these vases.

Signed: Not signed.

Condition: In very fine condition. Some scatches under the bottom
and one small spot on the surface See picture 2.

Height: 8,8 cm (3,5")

Weight: 1.1 kg

Price: SOLD