A hairsfur glazed lampstand made by Per Linneman-Schmidt, Palshus, Denmark, 1950s, height 13" (16,5 cm)

Per Linneman-Schmidt Palshus haresfur lampstand

Obj no. K1038

A haresfur glazed lampstand designed by Per

Linneman-Schmidt for Palshus, Denmark

Signed: Palshus Stentöj PLS-SL5 Made in Denmark

Condition: In fine condition. There are a few small
pinpricks in the glase, the biggest on the enlargement
on picture 2 and a very thin scratch, picture 3.


Height: 33 cm (13") (excluding lampholder)

Max diameter: 16,5 cm (3,7")
Weight: 2 kg


Price: 2 500 SEK