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Wilke Adolfsson, large yellow bowl from his own studio, 1999

Wilke Adolfsson large yellow bowl
Signature: Wilke Adolfsson -99

Obj no. 1609

Wilke Adolfsson, own studio

Wilke Adolfsson is born 1940. He is one of the most famous glassblowers

in Sweden. He worked for Orrefors glassworks 1963-73 and blowed among

other things the famous Tulip glasses designed by Nils Landberg. Wilke Adolfsson

started the glass studio Stenshyttan together with Ann Wolff 1979 in Transjö.

Wilke Adolfsson had his own studio from 1983 in Orrefors village.

Signed: Wilke Adolfsson -99

Condition: Mint condition

Height: 14,5 cm (5,5")

Width: 26,5 cm (10,5")

Price: 950 SEK