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Large candlestick designed by Gerda Strömberg, Strömbergshyttan, blown by Knut Bergqvist in early 1940s.

Candlestick, Gerda Strömberg/Knut Bergqvist Strömbergshyttan

Obj no. 2319

Gerda Stromberg, Strombergshyttan

A large candlestick in light grey glass designed by Gerda Strömberg

for Strömbergshyttan Glassworks in early 1940s and blown by Knut Bergqvist.

Knut Bergqvist (1873-1953) was the masterblower at Strömbergshyttan

through the years 1933 to -53. He started his work at Kosta glassworks

when he was 8-9 years old and was a masterblower in 1894. In 1914 he

moved to Orrefors. He was the master behind the famous Graal-glasses

at Orrefors and got a gold medal at the world exhibition in Paris 1925.

He also was the blower behind the famous Slotts-glasses shown at the

Göteborg-exhibition in 1923

Signed: Not signed

Condition: In very fine condition.

Height: 32 cm (21 1/2")

Price: 2800 SEK