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Four vases designed by Bengt Orup for Johansfors Glassworks around 1970

Bengt Orup Johansfors four vases
3861 Bengt Orup, drop formedvase
929 Bengt Orup, smaller vase
3761 Bengt Orup, bigger vase
3706 Bengt Orup, concave vase

Obj no. 3000

Bengt Orup, Johansfors

Four vases from the same series, in clear crystal glass with cut horizontal lines, designed by Bengt
Orup for Johansfors Glasworks in Sweden around 1970.
More pictures and price for separate vases can be seen if you click on the pictures above

Bengt Orup (1916-96) worked for Johansfors as art director 1952-1962

and 1967-73 where he among other things designed the famous table

glass series Strikt, Party, Stripe etc. He also designed a lot of unique art

glass and art glass series as Grappa and Spontana.

Between 1963 and 1967 he worked for Hyllinge glassworks where he

among other things designed the series Stromboli and Cinder.

Signed: See description on each vase by clicking on the picture.

Condition: All in very fine condition. 

Height: See description of each vase

Total price for all four: 1600 SEK
(To see the price of each vase, please click on the pictures above)