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Dagobert Peche, Loetz/Lötz, Austria, enameled glass bowl, 1920s

Dagobert Peche, Loetz bowl

Obj no. 3689

Dagobert Peche, Loetz Lötz

Bowl designed by Dagobert Peche for Loetz/Lötz in Wien, Austria around 1920.

The bowl is made in very light pink glass with three feet in very dark purple glass and enameled black bell flowers.

Signed: Not signed

Condition: In very fine condition. There are two minor remarks from production.
The top of one foot is a little bit shorter than the other two feet and there is one
small glass ball on the inside of the bowl close to the rim. See pictures 4 and 7.

Height: 8 cm (3.1")

Width: 12,5 cm (4,9")
Weight: 0,45 kg

Price: SOLD