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Sommerso vase designed by Nils Landberg for Orrefors Glassworks

Nils Landberg Sommerso vase

Obj no. 3883

Nils Landberg, Orrefors, Sommerso vase

Sommerso vase in dark oliv green underlay
colour designed by Nils Landberg (1907-91)
produced at Orrefors glassworks during
1950s. The vase has a triangulare cross section 

Signed: Orrefors N (N=Landberg) 3538/328

Condition: In very fine condition. There is one
very thin scratch of 3 mm. Hard to see.

Height: 29.5 cm (11.6") 
Weight: 1.4 kg

Price: 850 SEK