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Gunnar Nylund, Strombergshyttan, vase in light blue glass with a ground star. From 1950s. Model called "Shark tooth"

Gunnar Nylund Strombergshyttan

Obj no. 3968

Vase in light blue glass designed by Gunnar
Nylund for Strombergshyttan in mid1950s.
The vase has a ground star on one side.
The model is called "Shark tooth"

Gunnar Nylund is most famous as designer
of ceramics for Rörstrand, Nymölle, Saxbo
and Bing & Gröndal but he also worked for
Strömbergshyttan 1954-59 as designer of
glass pieces as this vase

Signed: Not signed. Has a sticker saying
"Svensk Kristall" (Swedisk crystal)

Condition: In fine condition. There are
some scratches underneath

Height: 18,5 cm (7.3")
Max width: 12.8 cm (5.0")
Weight: 1.88 kg

Price: 950 SEK