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Four balls/paperweights designed by Elsa Söderberg Hovmantorp

Elsa Soderberg Four paperweights
3435 Diameter 8.2 cm
3744 Diameter 9.9 cm
897 Diameter 9.9 cm
2101 Diameter 13.2 cm

Obj no. 897

Elsa Soderberg (Söderberg), Hovmantorp

A set of four glass balls or paperweights
designed by Elsa Soderberg (Söderberg)
for Hovmantorp Glassworks in Sweden.

Elsa Söderberg (1930-78) war educated at
Konstfack in Stockholm 1949-53. She is
also known as a potter with own ceramic
studio in Hovmantorp. She also worked
for the Hovmantorp Glassworks 1960-68.

Signed: All signed H-torp -67 E Söderberg

Condition: All in very fine condition

Diameter: 8.2, 9.9, 9.9 resp. 13.2 cm See pictures.
Total weight: 3.6 kg

Price: 1 300 SEK