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Wilhelm Kage (Kåge) Gustavsberg Sweden stoneware bowl "Argenta" from 1932

Wilhelm Kage, Gustavsberg, bowl Argenta
Picture of pinprick

Obj no. K1861a

Wilhelm Kage, Gustavsberg

Bowl "Argenta" in stoneware designed by Wilhelm Kage (Kåge)
for Gustavsberg Sweden

Signed: Gustavsberg Ancor B Kåge 927 I K (painter Aina Larsson)

Condition: In very fine condition. There are some thin lines
from use on the figure on the inside bottom, a pinprick
from a stone in the clay in the glaze on the foot and some
thin crazing on the foot and underneath. See pictures.

Height: 10 cm (3.9")

Diameter: 22,5 cm  (8.9")
Weight: 0,73 kg

Price: 2 400 SEK