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Alf Jarnestad Karlskrona Sweden, Stoneware vase

Alf Jarnestad Karlskrona Trossogods

Obj no. K2015

Alf Jarnestad, Karlskrona 

Stoneware vase from the series
"Trossögods" designed by Alf
Jarnestad for Karlskrona porcelain factory, Sweden

Alf Jarnestad (1923-2008) worked at Gustavsberg porcelain factory 1951
-56 faience painter for Stig Lindberg,1956-67 as designer at Karlskrona
 porcelain factory and from 1968 in his own studio inKarlskrona. He is
represented at Nationalmuseum, Röhsska museum and others.

Signed: According to picture four.

Condition: In very fine condition.

Height: 22 cm (2.6")

Width: 9,0 cm (6.1")
Weight: 0,92 kg

Price: 1 750 SEK