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Carl-Harry Stalhane, CH Stalhane (Stålhane), Rorstrand (Rörstrand), eggformed stoneware vase model SAO

Carl-Harry Stalhane Rorstrand vase SAO

Obj no. K2652

Carl-Harry Stalhane, Rorstrand

A stoneware vase designed by Carl-Harry
Stalhane (Stålhane) for Rorstrand
(Rörstrand), Sweden. The vase is
egg-shaped with a small opening and
 has a dark brown/black hair fur glaze.

Signed: R with three crowns, Sweden CHS SOA

Condition: In very fine condition.
Factiory first class

Height: 10.1 cm (4.0")
Width: 6.7 cm (2.6")
Weight: 0,16 Kg

Price: SOLD