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Two stoneware figurines of a horse and a dog (poodle) designed by Henrik Allert for Rorstrand

Henrik Allert Rorstrand horse and dog figurine
Henrik Allert stoneware Poodle
Henrik Allert stoneware Horse
Henrik Allert stoneware Horse

Obj no. K2790 (Horse) and K2076 (Poodle)

Henrik Allert, Rorstrand

Two stoneware figurines designed by Henrik Allert Rorstrand, Sweden.

Signed: Both signed R with three crowns HA Sweden. Factory first class.

Condition: In very fine condition. Factory first class

Height: Horse: 10.8  cm (4.3") Poodle: 11.5 cm (4.5")
Length: Horce: 10.0 cm (3.9") Poodle:  10.0 cm (3.9")
Weight: Horce: 0.42 Kg Poodle: 0.29 Kg

Price: 750 SEK/each, Price for the two: 1 200 SEK