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A unique vase/sculpture designed by Sven Wejsfelt Gustavsberg 1971

Sven Wejsfelt vase / Sculpture Gustavsberg

Obj no. K2792

Sven Wejsfelt - Gustavsberg

A stoneware vase or sculpture in brown speckled glaze, designed by
Sven Wejsfelt for Gustavsberg.
This vase is made 1971, which means that it is made in the very
beginning of Wejsfelt's work in an own studio at Gustavsberg. 
The vase is made from two pieces that are joined together.

Signed: Studiohanden SWen -71

Condition: In very fine condition. There is a bit of clay, as a small drop,
under the foot from production. See last picture.

Height: 21.5 cm (8.5")
Diameter; 10 cm ( 3.9")
Weight: 0.78 SEK

Sven Wejsfelt (1930-2009) worked as a turner at Rorstrand
1946-53, where he worked for Gunnar Nylund and Carl-Harry
Stålhane. 1953-94 he worked for Gustavsberg, where he worked
with turning for among others Stig Lindberg. He had an own
studio at Gustavsberg from 1970. He worked with unique
stoneware and with new glazes. He also made his own figures
of fishes and birds. (text from the book Svensk keramik under 1900-talet)


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