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Lasse Ostman (Östman), stoneware vase from own studio

Lasse Ostman (Östman) Own studio

Obj no. K3034

Lasse Östman (1944-2016) Own studio, Vansbro Sweden

A green stoneware vase with line decor
elements in shiny glaze. Designed  and
made by Lasse Ostman (Östman) in
his own studio in Vansbro, Sweden.

Lasse Östman is represented in
Nationalmuseum and Röhsska museum
among others.

Signed: Östman 30 and three-leaf clover

Condition: In very fine condition. Small signs of use.

Height: 18.0 cm (5.3")

Width: 7.7 cm (8.7")
Weight: 0.71 kg

Price: 1 950 SEK