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Gunnar Nylund, Rorstrand (Rörstrand) stoneware chamotte vase called Hedgehog vase (Igelkott)

Gunnar Nylund Rorstrand Rörstrand vase
Vase Igelkott, Hedgehog

Obj no. K3057

Gunnar Nylund Rorstrand (Rörstrand)

A stoneware chamotte vase in dark yellow
glaze. Designed by Gunnar Nylund for
Rorstrand. Model: Igelkott (Hedgehog)

Signed: Rörstrand Sverige Chamotte Nylund 

Condition: In fine condition. There are
some places where the glaze is missing
or perhaps a notch has been done.
The glaze on the inside of the opening
is also missing on some places. A small
notch is made at the bottom. See pictures. 
Factory first class.

Height: 16 cm (6.7")

Width: 13.5 cm (5.3")
Weight: 1.52 kg

Price: SOLD