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Bowl designed by Lu Klopfer for Töpferei Lipp, Mering, Germany in 1950s

Lu Klopfer Töpferei Lipp Mering

Obj no. K3239

Lu Klopfer, Töpferei Lipp Mering

Bowl in blacvk and white designed by Lu
(Ludwig) Klopfer for Töpferei Lipp in
Mering, Germany. Lu Klopfer (1924-77)
designed this bowl for Töpferei Lipp in 1950s.

He was a grandson of Johann Lipp who
founded the Töpferei Lipp in the middle
of  the 19th century. After practicing in
Lipp's workshop he studied at
Keramikfachschule Landshut. Later, he
became artistic director of Töpferei Lipp,
and created numerous objects, which
are now rated among the classics of
German 20th century pottery.

Signed: Not signed

Condition: In very fine condition. There
is an irregularity in the glaze at the foot.
See pic.

Height: 7 cm (2.8")
Max width: 18.5 cm (7.3")
Weight: 0.65 Kg

Price: 800 SEK