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Gunnar Nylund, Rorstrand (Rörstrand) Big stoneware vase

Gunnar Nylund Rorstrand Rörstrand vase

Obj no. K3254

Gunnar Nylund Rorstrand (Rörstrand)

Stoneware vase with grey glaze white dots.
Designed by Gunnar Nylund for Rorstrand. 

Signed: R with three crowns Sverige GN Factory 2:nd class

Condition: In very fine condition. The vase
is probably marked as 2:nd class due to
cracks under the bottom. (the vase is
waterproof and not leaking)  There are also
a few small brown spots (See pic. 2) and
brownish glaze at the ears and under the
opening ( See pic. 4)

Height: 33 cm (13.0")

Max width: 14.2 cm (5.8")
Weight: 2.0 kg

Price: 1 700 SEK