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Hilma Persson Hjelm, Arvika, Sweden, 1877-1953

Hilma Persson Hjelm, Arvika, Sweden
Signature: HPH

Obj no. K58

Hilma Persson-Hjelm, Arvika.

Vase with leaves in dark blue colour on light blue, designed by

Hilma Persson-Hjelm in her own studio in Arvika. Hilma Persson-Hjelm

was one of the most famous potters in Arvika, where she had her own

studio 1918-53. Before that she worked for Rörstrand 1903-06. She lived 1877-1953.

Signed: HPH

Condition: In very fine condition. Only some very thin scratches under the bottom

Height: 14 cm (5 1/2")

Width: 12,5 cm (5")

Price: 550 SEK