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White wine Jugend glass Theresienthal (Römer) ca 1907

White wine Jugend glass Theresienthal
Roughness on bottom of cup

Obj no. S532


Made by Theresienthal glassworks ca 1907. Form nr 1707.

Jugend wine glass for white wine, ribbed 
rumpet-shaped foot in light green glass,
faceted (optical blown) cup in clear glass with circulating
enamel painting of green wine leaves with red grapes.

Signed: Not signed


Condition: In very fine condition. There is one glass
with a small notch on the outside of the foot, one glass 
with some roughness in the bottom of the cup
rom production.. See pictures There are also some
bubbles in the glass.


Height: 19 cm (7,5")

Opening width of cup: 6 cm  (inside) (2,4")

A completly full glass contains 15 cl 

Price: 1 200 SEK for 5 glasses