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White wine and shot glasses designed by Gerda Strömberg Strömbergshyttan

Gerda Strömberg shot and wine glass
White wine glass Strömbergshyttan
Seven white whine glasses
Shot glass Strombergshyttan
Nine shot glasses

Obj no. S615

Gerda Strömberg (Stromberg), Strömbergshyttan (Strombergshyttan)

Seven wine glasses in green colour with
three bulges on the stem, model no. Z58
and nine shot glasses in the same colour.
Designed by Gerda Stromberg for
Strombergshyttan in the middle of the 1900s

Strombergshyttan glassworks was a glass
factory that started 1876 by the name or
Lindefors glassworks. In 1933 Lindefors
was bought by Edvard Strömberg (the
husband of Gerda Strömberg)  and
changed the name to Strombergshyttan
glassworks. In 1979 the factory was closed.

Signed: Not signed (One glass with a sticker)

Condition: In very fine condition.

Wine glass: Height: 16.5 cm (6.5")  Width: 7,5  cm (3")

A completly full glass contains 14 cl

Shot glass: Height:13 cm (5.1") Width: 4.3 cm (1.8")

A completly full glass contains 3 cl

Price for all glasses: 2 300 SEK (7 wine and 9 shot glasses)
Price for 7 wine glasses: 1 700 SEK
Price for 9 shot glasses: 1 000 SEK