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Edvin Ollers Kosta Two green glass vases 1917

Edvin Ollers Kosta green glass vase
223A Big vase
Close up on big vase
2462: Small vase
Close up on small vase

Obj no. 223A (big vase) and 2462 (small vase)

Edvin Ollers, Kosta

These two vases in green colour with small
bubbles and irregularities were designed
by Edvin Ollers at his first period at Kosta
and was presented at Hemutställningen
in Stockholm 1917.

Edvin Ollers (1888-1959) was employeed
by Kosta glassworks 1917-18 and 1930-32
by Reijmyre glassworks 1918-24. He also
worked for Limmareds, Elme, Alsterfors,
Åfors, Ekenäs and Flygsfors glassworks
during his lifetime. In addition to this he
worked with ceramics for St Erik's and
Upsala Ekeby, in pewter for Schreuder
& Olsson and in silver for GAB.

Signed: Not signed, like most of these
objects from Kosta.

Condition: In very fine condition. The big
vase is worn under the foot due to use.

Height: Small (2462): 16 cm (6.3") Big (223A): 19 cm (7.5")

Width: Small (2462): 6.5 cm (2.6") Big (223A): 12.3 cm (4.8")

Price: Price for the two: 1 600 SEK
Small (2462): 600 SEK
Big (223A): 1 300 SEK