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Three items from AVEM (Arte Vetraria Muranese) Italy with "Tutti Frutti" pattern

AVEM, Murano, Italy Three glass items
3605B: Small vase / cigarette holder ..450 SEK
3510: Heart formed bowl / ashtray .. 750 SEK
3156: Vase with blue underlay ..... 750 SEK

Obj no. 3500

AVEM, A.Ve.M. (Arte Vetraria Muranese) Murano Italy, Three "Tutti frutti" items

Three items from the A.Ve.M. (Arte Vetraria
Muranese) glassworks in Murano.
See description on each item by clicking
on the picture.

Signed: Not signed

Condition: All are in  very fine condition.

Dimentions: See description of each vase

Price: 1 600 SEK for all three items