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Mona Morales-Schildt, Kosta, egg shaped glass sculpture

Mona Morales-Schildt Kosta egg

Obj no. 3557

Mona Morales-Schildt, Kosta

An egg shaped glass sculpture,
paperweight, in the Ventana technique,
designed by Mona Morales-Schildt for
Kosta glassworks in Sweden.

Mona Morales-Schildt (1908-99) worked for

Kosta Glassworks 1958-1971. She is most
famous for her design of so called "Ventana"
vases and bowls.

Signed: Kosta Mona Schildt 1-181

Condition: In fine condition. There are two
small scratches on the edge of one
"window" and some scratches underneath.

Height: 8 ,0 cm (3.2") with lid

Max width: 7,2 cm (2.8")

Price: 1200 SEK