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Tapio Wirkkala, Iittala, comb cut leaf (Lehti), bowl/dish, model no. 3337 L=25 cm.

Tapio Wirkkala Comb cut dish
Tapio Wirkkala Iittala Leaf bowl/dish

 Obj no. 52

Tapio Wirkkala Iittala

Bowl or dish in the form of a leaf (Lehti),
 designed by Tapio Wirkkala for Iitala,
free blown hot formed clear comb cut
crystal, model no 3337. Produced at
Iittala glassworks during 1952-60. 

Signed: Tapio Wirkkala Iittala.

Condition: In veryfine condition.
There are a few small bubbles in the glass.

Height: 6 cm (2.4")

Length: 25 cm (9.8")
Weight: 3.0 kg

Price: Reserved