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Boris Stojkov Gustavsberg Sweden Two stoneware fantasy animals

Boris Stojkov Gustavsberg Two fantasy animals
K2757: Anteater (figure no. 2)
K2657: Bird (figure no. 5)

Obj no. K2600 (K2657 + K2757)

Boris Stojkov, Gustavsberg

Two figurines (anteater and bird) from the
series "Fantasy animals" designed by
Boris Stojkov for Gustavsberg, Sweden.
The total series consists of five figurines.

Boris Stojkov (1925-82) was born in the
former Jugoslavia. He came to Sweden
in 1950s and worked as an assistent to
Bengt Berglund at Gustavsberg around 1970.

Signed: Gustavsberg Sweden Boris 2 and 5

Condition: In very fine condition. 

Height: 9 cm (3.5")

Length: 12 cm (4.7")
Weight: 1.0 kg (0.52 kg each)

Price: 950 SEK for both (550 sek/each)