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Erich and Ingrid Triller Tobo Stoneware vase from own studio

Triller Tobo, vase from own studio

Obj no. K2773

Triller,Tobo, own studio

A nice stonware vase designed and made by Erich and Ingrid Triller in Tobo

Erich (1898-1972) and Ingrid (1905-1982) Triller married 1934,

when they also moved to Tobo in Sweden. They worked in their

own studio 1935-73. They are represented at Nationalmuseum,

the  Röhsska museum in Göteborg and more.

Signed: Triller Tobo

Condition: In very fine condition. 

Height: 13,9 cm (5.5")

Width: 8,9 (3.5")

Price: SOLD