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A complete set of five Beswick flying ducks, mallards 596/0-4

A complete set of Beswick flying mallards
Mallard no. 596/0
Mallard no. 596/1
Mallard no. 2
Mallard no. 3
Mallard no. 4

Obj no. K3166

Beswick England, Flying mallards

A rare set of 5 Beswick flying ducks,
mallards no. 596-0/1/2/3/4.

These Mallard Ducks were produced by the
Beswick factory in Stoke on Trent England
from 1938 until 1973. There were 5 different
sizes made. The numbers 496-0/1/2 have
no pocket and the numbers 496-3/4 has a pocket.

Signed: Beswick England 496/0-4

Condition: In very fine condition. A few
very thin crazing can be seen on no. 596/3 in sunlight.

Length: 32, 26, 22, 18  and 15 cm respectivly
Total weight: 1.93 kg

Price: SOLD