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Stig Lindberg Gustavsberg Sweden Parian figurine "Lilla Eva" in original packageing

Stig Lindberg Parian figurine Lilla Eva
Stig Lindberg, Parian figurine Lilla Eva
Small booklett in Swedish, English and German

Obj no. K3224

Stig Lindberg, Gustavsberg

Parian figurine "Lilla Eva" designed by Stig
Lindberg for Gustavsberg Sweden in 1943.
In original packageing. The figurine is
produced in a limited edition. This is
no. 166 of 1000 ex

Signed: Gustavsberg Sweden parian-1 Stig L

Condition: In very fine condition. There
are some rests of tape on the packageing.

Height: 18 cm (7.1")  

Weight: 0.24 kg

Price: 2 500 SEK