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Three wiener bronze items by Walter Bosse Herta Baller and Richard Rohac

Three wiener bronze items
Fish ashtry by W. Bosse / H. Baller ... 750 SEK
Zebra/donkey W. Bosse / H. Baller ... 750 SEK
Leaf Richard Rohac, Wienna Austria ... 500 SEK

Obj no. O600

Walter Bosse, Herta Baller, Richard Rohac, Wiener bronze

Three modern wienerbronze items by
Walter Bosse, Herta Baller and Richard
Rohac, Wienna Austria

Signed: See the signature on each
item by clicking respective picture

Condition: See resp. item

Dimensions: See resp. item

Price:  1 600 sek for all three items (price per item, see each item)